Screen Printed Tees 

When your employees are out and about at

meetings, or generally going about their work,

branding can get lost if it isn’t a focus.

Wearing the company’s logo helps keep your

message top of mind and broaden the perspective

of others. Before introducing logo branded apparel,

be sure employees are aware of how they need to

represent your company. We’ll help you identify the

right products and the right design.


Sales people walking into a networking meeting.  Going to visit a client.  Meeting with a prospect.  These are all opportunities to cement your brand into their consciousness.  Everything you do reflects on your brand - what about what you wear?

As the world becomes more and more casual, it is difficult to ensure your team's appearance is both appropriate and reflecting your brand.  Also, clients love to showcase companies they feel strongly about.  Creating "brand evangelists" starts with what clients wear to talk to others!  Whether it is golf shirts or denim,t-shirts or hats, we can help you.  Call us today to discuss what is the right item for you. 

Embroidered Polo Shirts 

Woven Shirts